Makungu - a care home for orphans in Kenya

We are Makungu. A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the orphanage “Care Home” in Kenya. With our work we ensure that the children in our care have a home as well as the opportunity for school education and thus a better future.

Makungu is Swahili and means dawn. It is a symbol for a new beginning, hope and opportunities that can be seized anew every day.

Donate transparently

We are a non-profit organization and thus donations can be claimed in the tax return. The donations must be used by us for the intended purpose.


1 month of water for a child


1 month of food for
one child


1 month of rent


1 year of school books for all children

Help us if you like!

What makes Makungu unique

● We are a family

● Honorary 

● Trustworthy & transparent

● Heartfelt

● Personal & close connection

● Direct help

Life in the care home

A few impressions so you can imagine it all better! Go to the Galery!

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What makes our organisation so special

Makungu is a small organization founded by a group of friends. At the time of its founding, they were all younger than 30 years old. We firmly believe that age, social class, educational background or wealth do not play a role in making the world a better place together.
For all team members, Makungu is a matter of the heart. There is close personal contact with the children and the team members on site. The team sees itself as part of the “Makungu Family” and is committed on a voluntary basis, so that almost no costs are incurred in Germany. Donations therefore represent direct help that makes a tangible difference to the orphans in the Makungu Care Home.

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