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The Children

Bakari (20) is very skilled. He wants to become an Engenieur.
Neema (17) wants to study medicine and become a gynecologist.
John (13) loves art. In his free time, he enjoys painting.
Keira (17) loves fashion and wants to become a model.
Hanna (14) is quiet. She would like to become a nurse in the future.
Lilly (16) is very musical and wants to become a singer.
David (15) is very creative with words and can tell incredibly good jokes.
Sarah (13) is very athletic. She wants to become a basketball player.
Zawadi (7) loves eating chicken with fries.

The Boards of the CBO Makungu-Waweru in Kenya 🇰đŸ‡Ș

Liz Muthoni,  Founder and CEO of the CBO Makungu-Waweru (Kenia)


“I seek to see that the world understands the value and dignity of human rights, especially the rights of children. Children have a special place in my heart and I would want nothing more in this world than to provide them a place where they can grow in a safe environment pursuing their dreams. Another day to motivate and inspire the children is another day in the world for me.” 

Elizabeth “Liz” Muthoni worked as an intern at the original “Care Home” in 2015. Upon learning that the children were at risk of ending up on the streets with no prospects, she, along with Gendrix and Marina, advocated for the establishment of Makungu. Since its inception in 2017, Liz has been representing the CBO Makungu-Waweru. Among Liz’s main responsibilities are being a key figure to address the individual needs of the children, discussing challenging issues with them, and taking on numerous on-site organizational tasks. She maintains close communication with the Makungu e.V. board. Additionally, she provides guidance to volunteers and students on-site.

2019 Liz (1)

Gendrix Sirikhan, Founder and member of the Board of the CBO Makungu-Waweru (Kenia) und Social Worker


“One reason why I work for Makungu is, that I love children a lot. When I see a child with no parents, I get compassionate. That’s why I take care of the children in the Makungu care home as if they were my own. I believe in being faithful and helping others, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Through Makungu my vision is complete. I am really thankful for all the supporters and the team of Makungu, because I couldn’t do this by myself.” 

Gendrix had already taken on the everyday upbringing of the children in the previous orphanage. She teaches the children practical life skills and accompanies them in their daily lives. She stands by the children in all life situations, believes in their abilities, and is their most important point of reference. The close bond and familial relationship are evident, among other things, in the fact that the children refer to her as “Mama.”


Members of the Board of the Makungu e.V. in GermanyÂ đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș

Marina SengmĂŒller, Founder and CEO Makungu e.V. (Germany)

 “Makungu is a project for the children of the orphanage Care-Home. However, at the same time, it is also an inner attitude. It is about hope and the resulting courage to tackle situations together and make a positive impact.”

Marina Sengmüller is the chairwoman of the board. She arrived at the original “Care Home” in 2015 as an intern, establishing a strong bond with the children. When she learned that the children were at risk of ending up on the streets with no prospects, she, alongside Liz and Gendrix, advocated for the establishment of Makungu. Marina has been representing the Makungu e.V. since its inception in 2017. She coordinates tasks within the association, represents it externally, and maintains close contact with the partner organization in Kenya. 

Marina SengmĂŒller ist die Vorstandsvorsitzende, sie kam im Jahr 2015 als Praktikantin zum ursprĂŒnglichen “Care Home”, hierbei baute sie eine enge Bindung zu den Kindern auf. Als sie davon erfuhr, dass die Kinder drohten perspektivlos auf der Straße zu landen, setzte sie sich gemeinsam mit Liz und Gendrix fĂŒr die GrĂŒndung von Makungu ein. Marina vertritt den Makungu e.V. seit seiner GrĂŒndung 2017. Sie koordiniert die Aufgaben innerhalb des Vereins, reprĂ€sentiert diesen nach außen und pflegt einen engen Kontakt zu der Partnerorganisation in Kenia.

Anna Sauer,  Deputy board Member Makungu e.V. (Germany)

“Every child has a right to a safe home and access to education, unfortunately, it’s not granted for all – Makungu provides hope that it can be made possible with a strong determination, a lot of commitment, and a warm, honest team to enable these fundamental rights for children.” 

The Deputy Board Member is Anna Sauer. In 2018, she volunteered at the Makungu Care Home and developed a strong affection for the children there. Since 2020, she has been a part of the board. She supports Marina in her duties and oversees various essential departments within the association. Specifically, she is responsible for managing Makungu’s volunteers.

Stellvertretende VorstĂ€ndin ist Anna Sauer, 2018 machte sie ein Volunteering im Makungu-Care-Home und hat die Kinder hier in ihr Herz geschlossen. Seit 2020 ist sie Teil des Vorstandes und unterstĂŒtzt Marina bei ihren Aufgaben.

Lena Schulwitz,  Finanz-VorstÀndin Makungu e.V. (Deutschland)

“I am involved with Makungu because I think the concept of the Makungu Care Home is fantastic, and you can see that the support goes directly to the children.”

In 2022, Lena Schulwitz was elected as the Board Member for Finance. Her volunteering experience at the Makungu Care Home in 2019 has also given her a personal connection to the children. She handles responsibilities in the financial domain and is part of the fundraising team.

Dieses Jahr wurde Lena Schulwitz als Vorstand fĂŒr Finanzen gewĂ€hlt. Durch ihr Volunteering im Makungu-Care-Home 2019 hat auch sie einen persönlichen Bezug zu den Kindern. Sie ĂŒbernimmt die Aufgaben im Bereich Finanzen und ist Teil des Fundraising Teams.

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