The project consists of the charity organization Makungu-Waweru in Kenya and Makungu e.V. in Germany. Together they build the project “Makungu”.

Marina Sengmüller, chair of Makungu e.V. in Germany and chairman of the organization Makungu-Waweru in Kenya first came in contact in 2015 in Kenya. As part of her Bachelor of Arts, Marina completed an internship as a music teacher at a charity organization in Kenya in 2015.

Both women were working in the orphanage “Care Home” at the time. Soon Marina took the children that were being looked after into her heart and they stayed in contact after she returned to Germany.

In 2016 Marina received news that the orphanage had been abandoned by the former conductress and the children would be out on the street. That is when the chairmen of Makungu-Waweru and Marina decided to do everything to support the children.

This is how the project Makungu was brought to life.

Short biography of the founders:


Marina Sengmüller

“Makungu is a project to help the children from the orphanage ‘Care Home’. But at the same time it is a inner attitude. It is about faith resulting out of hope and the will to change things to a better.”


  • 24.07.1990 born in Munich, Germany
  • 2011 general higher education entrance
  • 2012-2016 B.A. Musicproduction at Hdpk in Berlin, main subject: vocals  Berlin
  • 2015 Internship in Kenya as a music teacher
  • 2016 volunteer at a refugee camp in Berlin
  • Since 2016 B.A. Social Work with main subject child and youth services at DHBW in Stuttgart and Heidenheim.
  • 2017 Vice student representative of the DHBW in Heidenheim