“Care Home” is the name of the orphanage.

  • it was founded in 2008 in Nakuru/Kenia
  • up to 20 children between the age of 4-21 where living there
  • in early 2016 the orphanage was abandoned by the former founder
  • in Summer of 2016 the children had to leave the house 
  • the children found shelter at different unofficial places, partially under very bad circumstances
  • the “family” was torn apart, the children suffered from this situation-
  • since then, the Makungu Team works hard on supporting the children and finding a new home for them, where they can stay together
  • at the moment, 8 children moved in to a house that we, the Team, rents
  • The Makungu Team is working on mobilizing more funds, to get the rest of the children back, bring them together and facilitate a better future for them

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