Benedikt‘s Birthday Party

Last weekend a good friend of Marina named Benedikt celebrated his birthday with friends and family. He asked the guests not to buy him presents but instead to donate to Makungu e.V. Thanks to that we were able to collect money we urgently need right now. In addition, Marina was able to give a small speech about the organization and explained the state-of-the-art in Kenya.

Therefore we would like to thank all donators and especially Benedikt who made this possible! The Makungu team wishes you all the best for the years ahead, joy, happiness and good luck!

Use of Donations

The latest spendings out of our donation pot were used for paying the school fees and buying new school uniforms for the children. In addition, we achieved that the kids can attend the same school as previously they were splitted up to several schools. As you can see, one of our main objectives is to secure our children’s access to education and consequently to pave the way for a better future. In this context we would like to thank all donators and supporters of Makungu!