Foundation “Makungu-Waweru” in Kenya

„Makungu-Waweru“ is our counterpart in Kenya founded on the 7th of March 2017. The non-profit organization is represented by Elizabeth Muthoni (called Liz), a former carer in the orphanage „Care Home“ and now executive of the association. “Makungu-Waweru” was named after and in honour of Elizabeth’s grandfather Willy Waweru Kingori who was an active supporter of the organization in its early beginnings, but sadly died during the foundation process.

Foundation Makungu e.V. 07.05.2017

On the 7th of May 2017 Marina Sengmüller, Amelie Nabih, Willi Sengmüller, Stefan Sengmüller, Laura Schwellensattl, Lilian Polosek and Tara Benjamin met in Munich to officially found „Makungu e.V.“ and to agree on the association’s charter. In this context, Marina Sengmüller and Amelie Nabih were elected as the board of the association. Afterwards they discussed about further milestones and initiatives of the organization.