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The special thing about our prices: YOU decide how much you want to pay. We give you a price range in which you can choose freely.

The shipping costs are always included.

That's how you order

  1. Transfer the price of the product or the sum of the products to Makungu e.V.
  2. Write in the reason for payment: name of the article + your address.
  3. We will send you the items by mail. The shipping costs are already included in the price.

    P.S.: For larger orders it is best to simply write us an email ☺️.

Our Banking Info:

 Receiver: Makungu e.V.

IBAN: DE98 4306 0967 8241 6834 00   


You can also scan this QR Code with your Mobile Banking App!

Our Products

Bags & Cushions

Our bags, pouches and pillows are multiple. They are handmade from Kenyan fabrics by local tailors.

Gym bag: 20 to 35 €

Jute bag : 10 to 20 €

Pillowcase 47x46cm : 10 to 25 €

Pencil cases & household items

Our pencil cases are unique! They are handmade locally.

Pencil case: 10 to 25 €

Place mat: 4 to 15 €

Drink coaster: 3 to 10 €

Multifunctional scarf: 4 to 10 €


Our earrings & bracelets are unique! They are handmade locally.

Earrings: 4 to 10 €

Bracelets: 4 to 10 €


Buttons, stickers & postcards…

Stickers: 2 €

Buttons: 2 €

Postcards: 1 for 2€; 5 for 6€; 10 for 10€

You already have everything? Give away a donation!

Donate in the name of your loved ones and help fulfill children’s heartfelt wishes. We’ll make sure your gift donation goes where children need it most.

Here’s how:

1. donate any amount to Makungu e.V. (see bank details above).

2. write in the reason for payment:
Gift for Name from name + address/recipient or from you

3. we will send you a letter which you can give to your loved ones. In this letter you will find the amount of the donation and how it will be used.

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