Support Makungu financially

Become a member

What advantages do I have?
As a Makungu member you are officially part of Makungu with an annual fee of 50€. You support the association actively and offer us planning security.

At our annual meetings you will get an exclusive insight into the work of Makungu.

How do I become a member?
Download the membership form here, fill it out, sign it and send it to or to the postal address:

Makungu e.V., CAYA Postbox 758604, 96035 Bamberg

We will send you a confirmation with your membership number and you will be a part of Makungu and support our project and the children directly.

Active support for Makungu

Become a volunteer

You want to get to know a new culture, gain unique experiences and do something good at the same time? Then become a volunteer at Makungu!

You should be willing to write reports and do transfer tasks on a regular basis.
Basic English is necessary.
You should be willing to get involved with a new culture and adapt to it to some extent.

Application process
Send the completed application form to or send it to us by mail to:

Makungu e.V., CAYA Postbox 758604, 96035 Bamberg

The Makungu team will then review your application and contact you.
If you receive a positive response, we will discuss everything else together. Individual support is very important to us!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Support a child

Become a sponsor

What is a sponsorship?
With a sponsorship you can support a child of Makungu financially.
The sponsorships are divided among several sponsors and amount to 40€ per month for each sponsor.
As soon as you have become a sponsor, the contact to the child will be established by mail or WhatsApp. You will receive mail about every three months from then on.

What are my obligations
First and foremost, it is important to us that you are interested in the contact with your godchild. The children are always very happy to receive mail from their sponsors and it should be an enriching exchange for both sides. 

The monthly contribution is at least 40€ per month..

What do I have to do to become a sponsor?
Click here to download the sponsor form, fill it out and send it either by mail to

Makungu e.V., CAYA Postbox 758604, 96035 Bamberg

Or mail it to

Support us with limited resources

Your will matters

I want to help, but don’t have the financial means at the moment?!
You would like to become a member or sponsor, but you have difficulties to pay the given amount? It is important to Makungu that everyone who wants to support the project gets this opportunity. Just write us an email to with your request. We are sure that we will find an individual solution for you!

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